Comments about Earthwalk Story With Slides Presentation

What a marvelous example of what is possible when someone makes a commitment, has a plan, and follows through.

Jays Hills, Learning Specialist at Laurel High School, Los Alamitos, CA

His concept of walking around the world is such a fascinating idea that the listener is immediately interested in learning about the adventure. Mr. Kunst has the ability to effectively mix discussion of geopolitical concerns with human interest anecdotes in a unique blend of lecture style which interests, educates and entertains his audience.

Bill Siedlecki, Director Activities, University of Wisconsin-Stout

Thank you very much for such an informative, enthusiastic, well prepared and exciting program. Five hundred men sat spellbound and threw away their daily cares for an hour as they walked with you through twenty-one pairs of shoes and shared some of your real life adventures on your walk around the world.

Bob Massey, Chairman Program Committee, Long Beach Elks Lodge

You were a big hit with all the sisters in Beta Sigma Phi. Thank you for a great presentation and for giving us inspiration!

Sandee Venard, Program Coordinator, California Beta Sigma Phi

In trying to rate your program to others, I have to say that yours was unquestionably the best this year, and you have had some tough competition.

Robert Sandwick, First Vice President, The Adventurers' Club

The students, faculty and PTA at Garden Grove Elementary School want to express their thanks and appreciation for three wonderful adventure-filled assemblies. For weeks after your presentations, students were asking questions about your Walk Around the World.

Mrs. Tindall, PTA Program Chairperson at Garden Grove Elementary School

Our harshest critics, the students, gave you a perfect "10", and all the teachers were most impressed. Thank you for sharing your walk around the world with our students.

Sandra Rogers, Principal at Longfellow Elementary School, Long Beach, CA

Congratulations and grateful thanks to you for a fascinating evening. It was so fun to listen to you tell your story. It was as if it was the first time. Your enthusiasm and obvious pleasure is outstanding.

Phyllis J. Scheffler, Manager Balboa Branch Library, Newport Beach, CA

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