School House

Jenni Ann Samuel
Educator & Counselor

Irvine, California

Jenni Ann Samuel, also known as the nurturer and care counselor, is a third grade teacher at the El Camino Real School in Irvine, California. Everyone that comes into her life is touched by her warmth, her caring, and her compassion for others. Her warmth makes everyone feel comfortable. Her caring knows no bounds. She searches for ways to be kind and generous to others. Her compassion is sincere and from the heart. If there is an educator who goes out of their way to know individuals and relate to them through their experiences it's Jenni Samuel.

For years Jenni Samuel's motto has been, " I care; therefore, I teach." Click here to see a picture of Jenni in her clasroom. Each school year Jenni sets her number one goal to build positive self-esteem in each of her students. She does this by forming an individual connection with each child to learn something that is uniquely special about them or their family. With an exceptional ability of identifying kids who are especially needy both academically and emotionally, Jenni lights the 'Samuel Spark' with her own personal measure of enthusiasm. Teaching in the class room she uses many affirmations regarding student achievement and the importance of their place in the class. Jenni lifts kids up and stimulates them to reach higher through building positive relationships. Jenni is highly regarded by her peers, parents and her numerous little friends which is why she was selected as El Camino Real Teacher of the year in Irvine, CA. Jenni responded by saying that she feels so honored by this recognition for something she loves to do. Jenni Samuel is known for her educational and entertaining seminars on self-esteem and conflict management. For more information about the Samuel Seminars use the following E-mail address: Free Speech Banner