I'm the coauthor of "The Man Who Walked Around the World" and I'm available to challenge, inspire, motivate, excite and stimulate all age groups with my unique walk tale.

The following statement prepared by Gene Bedley the founder of the Bureau of Essential Ethics in Education:

EARTHWALK is an amazing historic traveler feat that Dave professionally transforms into an entertaining and educational school assembly filled with cultural diversity. The Earthwalker who circled the land mass of the earth on foot tells his unique story of endurance and endeavor.

SCHOOL kids of all ages marvel and are inspired by Dave Kunst, Guinness Record Breaker and stellar goal setter as he presents his true life narration of adventure, tragedy and romance in person. Boys and girls perceive what can be accomplished by a determined and motivated human being with a purpose driven goal. They experience the many small steps that became one giant feat for mankind.

DAVE presents his incredible adventure with a challenging style that brings to life the 3 brothers, 4 mules, 2 dogs and the Australian school teacher who is now his wife. The walk is verified as the first time that man circled the land mass of the planet on foot. An awesome odyssey that has been recorded by Ripley's Believe It or Not! and documented by the Minnesota Historical Society.

STUDENTS will never forget the high adventure, survival strategies, enduring romance and the people helping people experiences. They will journey with Dave over four continents in four years, three months and sixteen days, totaling 14,450 miles on foot while wearing out 21 pairs of shoes. Through the famous and ever dangerous Khyber Pass, along the Grand Trunk Road of India, over the Elburz Mountains of Iran, across the Desert of Death in Afghanistan and traversing the heartland of America, Kunst circumambulated the earth.

KIDS will learn of the special visit to Monaco and see a picture of Princess Grace with the brothers and their Portuguese mule. They will hear about the night Dave and his brother John were shot by Afghan bandits and left in a mountain gorge to die. They will experience brotherly love when Dave's brother Pete takes John's place. There is a happy ending when Dave returns for Jenni, the Australian School teacher who took the place of Will Willie Makeit II, the Australian mule.

EARTHWALK is a multi-cultural, multi-continent and multi-diverse talk story. No one has walked the walk he walked and no one can talk the talk he talks. Dave is truly a dynamic storyteller and he has an astonishing tale to tell. Kids and adults have the ultimate in real life adventure experiences when they hear such a historic traveler.

EARTHWALK is designed to accentuate all school concepts e.g. earth day, geography day, physical fitness day, history day, cultural day, survival day, world studies day and flag day.

DON'T miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see and hear a Guinness Record Breaker tell one of mankind's most amazing true adventure stories.

Gene Bedley

MY Earthwalk Story is highly recommended by two great men in education: DR. ARTHUR L. COSTA an extraordinary educational consultant and former National President of the California Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development. Dr. Costa has made presentations and conducted workshops worldwide. GENE BEDLEY a retired school principal who is a remarkable motivational presenter and founder of: The Bureau of Essential Ethics in Education.


If you are interested in giving your school or group an exciting experience by a man who walked the walk and lived to tell the tale.

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